What's up now?
2002-01-31 19:58:02 (UTC)


So this credit card guy just called...and ya know most of
them are kinda weird, and you hear the pause and before
they say "may I speak to Ashley Hagen"(well they usually
mess it up) but anyways, you usually hang up before the
pause is over...well today this guy called and it was
pretty funny...he asked me all of his questions and gave me
his shpeal..and then he was like "are there any other
questions I can answer for you" and I was like "do you get
paid a lot to do this" and of course the conversation was
beign recorded, so he told me he would have to pause the he did and we chatted it up for awhile about how
his job sucked and how he has to take a lot of crap, and I
told him I usually hang up(like I said before) but since he
was pretty nice I didnt...then he said "okay here goes the
tape again" and so we had to be serious was
pretty funny...definitly brightened my day...haha not that
I want more telemarketers to be calling me...but if all of
them were as cool as he was, maybe I wouldnt hang up on all
of was funny :)