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2002-01-31 19:24:40 (UTC)

a fight with chellyn once again

first thing you need to know is shawn likes me, idk if i
like him, but i'll figure it out. ok so i told jamie this
thing about shawn that michelyn told me, and not knowing it
was a secret, she told shawn. i mean i didnt know it was
such a big deal, and either did she. so chellyn got pissed
at me and jamie, and this all happened last night. so
anyways, i was online and she was mad so she asked me to
LIE to shawn sayin i was wrong and she never said that. idk
why, but i did and he bought it. and i said i was sry to
chelyn and all this shit but she just blew me off! she's
just like whatever and got off. so then i was really
pissed. and then later that night jess and chellyn prank
called me saying it was aaron, but of course i aint that
stupid so i was just like yeah fuck yu... when i went to
bed i had a dream where i was on a date with shawn and
jamie was there for some reason. well we were standin in
line at the movies and aaron and trevor were standing near
us, not in line and they looked sad. aaron said : "well you
know how we're both dating someone..." (even tho in real
life theyre both single) and then i was like: "what does
that have to do with yu calling me last night?"
and he says: "well we wanted to see if we could get yu to
like us sorry" and i got really sad and so did
they and i turned away to shawn and jamie and they left ,
softly sobbing. and that part was normal compared to the
rest of my dream. the next part is where me and jamie were
walkin shawn home and we stopped at his white picket fence,
and did this like triple kiss, if yu know what that is. and
i said that was fun, or i liked it or something like that
and so we did it again. then shawn went in his yard and in
his door, home. the other part of my dream was where there
was a cup of oj and a cup of chris's cum. it was me chris
and his cuz standing around a table. his cuz poured the cum
into the oj and i drank about half of it, like it was a
dare. really weird dream.ok now back to reality. btw, i
hate chris now. we had a convo and he said he didnt like me
and i naturall asked why and he said a lot of stuff which
wsa cra but idc bc he was no good for me anyway. well im
off to do nothing! have a nice day