DayDream Believer
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2002-01-31 19:23:31 (UTC)

Just so you know

Things are so fucked up right now, S* have stoped
talking to me (can that have anything to do with our litte
chat Sunday)
I might know how to change that, but I really would like to
know what our conversation really was about before I`ll go
back and change my answer to: no, it has pased way...
Then what??
Im gonna call his brother agen tomorrow, just for fun, oh
plese let it be fun, I need something fun in my life now.

And then we have Dante, stil he hassnt said anything about
what was going on with him Satturday, I so pissed at him.
He`s so no getting a second chanse from me!!

Afther that I guess the next thing Im all pissed about is
all this homework we have. Im probobly gonna spend my
entirer weekend doing nothingb but homework!!

The only good thing right now is that I dont walk around
worring about Samuel right now, I think he`s okey. This
morning he wassnt home whan I came to say hi before school,
so I was a bit worrid, but when I got home there he was.
Waiting for me outside the house, I could see him all the
time when I was walking up the last hill and it felt good.

My famely is doing all right, at least everybody`s living
tougether agen, but I dont know much about how bad/good
things realy are.I dont think I wanna know eather.