Baby Story
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2002-01-31 19:18:54 (UTC)

18 wks 2 days

YAY! Today was a milestone!!! I felt the baby kicking,
like really kicking, so I lifted up my shirt (yes, right
here in my cubicle) and saw a lil 'nudge' on my belly when
he/she kicked!!! Yay!

Yesterday I had a lil scare, started to spot a small small
small amount. Went to see the doctor and ALL looks GOOD!
Got to hear the babys heartbeat! Im really looking forward
to having my ultrasound on Monday (ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY!!!) OH! And
update on the weight gain? Up until week 16 I didnt gain a pound,
and between week 16 and 18, I somehow gained SIX POUNDS!!! YIKES! I
think its just my body catching up... I hope... LOL.

OH! Its kicking like that again! YAY! This is so

Everything is going great with my new job. Im loving it
SOOO much! My boss continues to mention that she wants to
keep me around and that she needs me to take the
keyboarding test. Im RIGHT ON IT! What a great

Nelson is doing wonderful. Hes just getting over a rough
cold. Poor guy. And big mean ol' Jessica just keeps
shoving the Robitussen down his throat! LoL. Hope
everyone is doing wonderfully!