Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-01-31 18:34:42 (UTC)

Internet Access/11 grade/Grade A

Well, lets see, I'm at school and I'm wasting part one of
my double lunch. Fun. Carla invited me to go to the
movies with her and Morgain on Friday. But Anneka maybe
coming over. Decisions, Decisions... I haven't really
acomplished anything so far today. Molly is mad at Kyle
again so I got to hear all about that. But yet she is
willing to forgive him, why? Because he is great in bed.
Apologies these days, they just aren't quite the same. Its
freezing here today, 2 degrees, with snow and a wind
chill. Miserable? I'm thinking understatement. I wearing a
sweater, coat, and hat, and yet I'm still managing to
freeze my ass off.
Chemistry sucks, and Avagadros' number, I mean the hell.
I'm never going to use that again. I can't even say it!
Jennifer is so lame sometimes. She wants to bad to be
loved and have people think she's cool, she'll do
anything. It so not worth it. All the guys think she's
fat, and stupid (and she is to a certain point), I feel
sorry for her. Yep, random. But she's going on my
church's mission trip to San Francisco, which is rather
amusing considering I never thought she would be in
church. Heh, anyway...
Thank God next week is a 3 day week, I'm sooo tired *falls
asleep while typing* Zzzzzzzz. My hair didn't curl today
(one of the reasons I'm wearing my FOX beanie...). That
sucked, But Oh! Good thing. Me and Jason were having a
stare-a-thon in Chemistry. I won! Yeah, I'm good at teh
not blinking thing, I guess. It was fun, if he wasn't a
asshole, he would be so much cuter. Margaret accidentally
spilled his coffee, and he was cussing her out. It was so
stupid, she even offered to by him another cup. Maybe he
was tired, and in a shitty mood, but you know what aren't
we all. He just need to accept that his coffee was spilled
and move on.
Only 15 more minutes of A lunch. Andi better show up
today, I need to give he back her Sickness Cd. Hummm...
ponders. The guy I was talking to that lives in Pueblo,
motocross guy. I hope he doesn't mind but I used his
number for my SHIFT drawing contest thing. Have I already
said somthing abt that? Or was that some other random
thing? Heh, who knows, i sure as hell don't... I took
down, a ton of stuff in my room and put up a bit more MX
stuff ;) So now, like 2 walls in my rooms are little
shrines to my hobbie, heh. I'm sad. I don't even ride
motocross, and jeep trials and off road isn't exactly the
same. But hey, motocross is awesome, its get sme through
life. So whatever.
well, I need to go finish my Algebra homework. I doubt
I'll write another entry today 'cause of Bible study. So
yeah... Well, me and my sad little existance are going away
==Sorry for all the mispellings, I was kinda in a hurry, heh