JeSs-WeSi you simply ROCK
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2001-04-22 23:06:57 (UTC)

Beana... my weight.... drugs.... pimping... and diary history!

what will i call you... Beana? i have a friend names
Kenna... we called her Kenna Benna. she's a pimp! yeah man
its freaking HOT i mean like 85... i might have to open
more windows that would make me happy!
i really want to call Sean and get him over here to help me
stretch and run and all this stuff so i can drop these
pounds! my mom and dad are both on a diet but they REFUSE
to let me go on it too. i'm going to start listing what i
eat and how many "points" there is in the food and i can
only have 27 points a day. thats my mom's diet and she's
lost 18.5 lbs in... 3 weeks i think. i would be TRILLED
with weighing 120! :) at the end of my freshman year i
weighed 111. then at the end of the summer 125 and now
almost summer 134!! thats a lot to gain. the munchies arent
really working real well but i dont eat munchies as BAD as
i used too i can smoke up to 3 bowls with out munchies. if
ihavent had munchies since... Sept. when robbie moved i got
so upset on our last night together i threw up 5 or 6
times.and most of it was dry heaving. you guys know how
that is.
i was anorexic for a while a long while with little hints
of bulemia when i was 11-14 then i had my PERFECT dream
body... totally tones and could beat some guys in leg
*where you lay on the floor lock legs and go it just like
arm wrestling its a blast* wrestling but now its jello and
thats GOT to go!
i think i should explain something to you guys i have 2
diaries online... this one is the stuff that i wont tell
the other people at
(sinead_o_rebellion) they know me more personally and my ex
*known as Jet over there* sometimes drops in and reads and
i just ya know want to keep some stuff out of there. you
know how that is.
well i should boot scoot boogy now... so i'm gone.