Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
2002-01-31 18:32:21 (UTC)

[:: Welcome to Damage Control Productions ::]

January Thursday 31 st, 2002 at 13.00.03 hour

Dear shitty digital paper! nice and white shit when you
write on and turns to black ink when it's submitted...

Welcome to my digital nightmare every toughs or inch or
piece of ass will be published here... My Nick is Jenxter
im going on my 30 th birthday soon on Valentine's Day ...

Left my son's mother the 2nd of january of 2002 , moved
out , she punched me in da face, 3 times , and afterwards
she broke my mothers fingers in 2 places so that she has to
have a pinned metal plate in her hand...woh for a 52 year
old woman , the mom is really pissed off... she is gonna
sue the mother, of my kid... she can't work for 2 months....

in the meantime i am searchin for a nice woman for making
a family and fun ....

here are some photos from me and about me