Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
Ad 0:
2002-01-31 17:56:05 (UTC)

GirlZ !! --- i have responces !

Jan 31, 2002 :: Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada

I have received 3 responces from 3 nice gils on a dating
service on

- destiny_love|Canada|Nova Scotia|Tangier| 27
- jess_tee|Malaysia|Selangor|Jeram| 22
- Spellmaster|Canada|Quebec|Verdun| 25

and the other ones that i had in my listing that are
interested in me ...

- Duschinka United States Virginia Blacksburg 23
- penny1440 Canada Quebec Montreal 34
- juanitac Canada Ontario Toronto 38
- Tomato Taiwan OTHER PROVINCES T'ai-chung 21

and here is a small text from one of these chiks that wrote
to me ::

From: luv2want_u
Received: Friday, January 25, 2002 at 23:45:22
Subject: personal ad

Hi there. My name is Julie and I just ran accross your ad.
I travel to a location near you for work and I'm looking
for someone to keep me company while I'm there. I don't
want to be to specific about it cause I'm not sure if you
are interested or not but I will let you decide that. I
will send you a link to where you can see what I have to
offer to help you decide. I like to get to know someone
before I meet them cause there are a lot of wierdos out
there :)
Anyway I like to chat on the internet with people on my
webcam. I have found this is a good way to get to know
people without meeting them first. You dont have to have a
webcam but it does make it more fun! Well, anyway if you
are interested you can always check me out on my website.
Heres the link or you can email me at
[email protected] Well, I'm off for now; gonna jump
on the webcam for a while. Cya.



Damn :: immagine im so puffed up and still no chiks here ::
even if we live next to santa clause ... Well anyway ive
met a nice 19 year old girl that works in a bar her name is
Jessika :: nice blonde, blue eyed, chik but she is always
trying to buy me drinks and beer and on and on ...hummm
should i search in this area for some compasion .... anyway
it really doesin't really matter ... since everybody is
saying that she only want's Da Jenxter's jenx toy...
let's be patient and i will come back for more news


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