The Other Diary
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2002-01-31 17:32:00 (UTC)

pee mac

I need to pee. I really should move. because if i don't i
will pee on myself and that would be grosse. And
embarrasing. Not that pee is embarrasing, everybody
pees- its natural right? well speaking of nature like i
said gotta pee.

Well that was fun . . . .
Apples taste good - maybe too good. Speaking of
I hate my mac. Its more then frustrating. Not only am I
now accustomed to having a lap top, but I am
accustomed to having a crappy lap top. So now I have a
horrible opinion of lap tops. Finiky plastic pieces of
crap. Can't install new hardware, can't trust your work
on it. Bluh.

My fingers ar sticky ha ha hhaa

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