The lost little girl
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2002-01-31 17:30:44 (UTC)

i dunno...

I am sorry i know i didn't write yesterday...i got hung
up...i had a lot to do and stuff.
It's snowing outside and i'm pissed...it's thursday and that
means it's fun night and i don't know if i can go if it
continues...aarrggghh..oh well...mother nature sucks what
else is new.
oh yeah my sister and brother in law left today to go to
columbia...she's a little scared and i can totally
understand.Columbia can be a scary place if you haven't
really been there before
oh and btw...fuck you craig..i don't know what the hell i
did to you...or what i said...but if you didn't want me to
go to Vermont with you to see nate...then just fuckin' tell
me to my face instead of making up some lie...i'm so sick of
people going behind my back like this...as i said before
it's like fuckin' musical chairs of who hates jane once


Daily quote: " muahhaa " - Emily ..my fellow charlie's