my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-31 17:24:24 (UTC)


ooo it's the 31st. and we got a snowday. lol. it's bout
noon or so and i'm just waking up. nice huh. but anyways,
last night was really an eye opener for me i guess. i was
talking to mike and i really dont know how we go onto the
topic but we did and i really appreciate him more than i
realized. i guess i just took it for granted that he's such
a nice guy. and i thanked him for that last night, and it
just made me feel better about finally telling him how i
feel. i guess i should tell people how i feel more often.
it would probably be better for me. but anyways, i get to
go driving today. lol. i was standing in the kitchen this
morning and my dad goes "hey, you want to go driving
today?" and i go "sure." and my mom goes "WHAT?!?!" and my
dad's like "she needs to learn sometime." so i guess i'm
going driving today. at least our van has 4 wheel drive.
that way maybe i wont kill myself. lol. ok well i'll write
more after i go driving. as long as i come back in one
piece. hehe.

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