2000-12-01 02:05:17 (UTC)

Hey everybody! Eternity has..

Hey everybody!
Eternity has came to type bout wut has happened during
this week! Sorry I didn't get to get on the net to type!
Today all the speech ppl went to go c the wiz. The Wiz is a
mordern version of The Wizard Of Oz. I think that the show
was ok, it was held at the arena theather. The good thing
was I got to miss most of the school day! =)~
I have sent in an letter bout me wanting to be the prez
of the purple kingdom in the elven clan... The princess
will decide who ish gonna be the prez on friday which ish
tomorow! YAY! I hope I'm goin to be the prez, but I'm
probably not goin to =*(~.....
Even though I probably won't be, I'll keep tryin to be
nice and open to the community of Elvens. Hopefully I'll
meet new friends. Hmm wut else do I want to type in my
diary? (you'll be reading my thoughts as I type) Sometimes
I want to get a new wardrobe! Yes, I'll be misspeling words
I'm the worst speller in the world.(lol) I want to go see
all these movies but I'm to lazy to get dressed n go wait
in line to get tickets!
I use to hate reading books but I don't really nemore
though. My favortie author is Joan Lowery Nixon. Right now
I'm reading "Spirit Seeker". I highly recommend you to read
books by Joan Lowery Nixion! Joan's books are fantastic!
Great Author! After this book I'll probably read "The Other
Side Of Dark" if my libary has it! (lol) I have a habit of
poping my fingures...but right now I'm trying to stop which
I think is really hard to do. Now I have to go, *sighs*.
Well here is a fact bout me. I'm short...*S* YEAH I NO
YOU'RE SO SHOCKED! =o! I'm using scarcasim, or how ever you
spell it!