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2002-01-31 13:55:30 (UTC)

Mid-Term Week

Wow this midterm week has been a week of HELL!!! I have
stayed up cramming the past three nights... I am very
ready for the weekend... I know I did bad on the Data
Concepts (might as well call it access because thats all
we're studying, theres no concept about it) mid-term. I
didn't even get a chance to even look at the last question
much less answer it. There were only 10 questions too. He
just shouldn't ask so many open-ended questions. Every
question had to be explained in a very detailed way and
when I'm given such a broad, general question, I tend to
elaborate in every way possible and end up writing a novel
and not being able to finish the test. I hate this.
Grrrrr... Nobody knows what we're doing in my class. I had
a 100 average in there because I showed up every day and
attempted the homework and got 100 on it and considering
that Class/Homework accounts for 50% of our grade
and "professionalism" (attendance) accounts for 10%, I had
100s for 60% of my grade, so the grade really didn't
reflect on how I'm truely doing... But the good part is
that the mid-term only acounts for 10% of my grade... The
class/homework and professionalism can balance it out.

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