My life as Trick
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2002-01-31 11:44:06 (UTC)

Kindness from Strangers..with candy

I often forget that I made my diary public.

I pop in, write down some of the events that happened
that day, set of days, week, etc., and exactly how I was
feeling at that point - but I forget that others are

In many ways, that's a great thing. I don't remember
that people are reading, oberving, criticizing, cheering,
laughing, judging, etc., so I tend to write the truth as I
see it at the time and go on about my merry little way.

But then... I get messages.

And I marvel at how supportive, encouraging, and
inquisitive people can be.

And THEN I think of the entries past that I have written...

Even though I know that it has to be a fair
representation of myself, as I have written it does it come across?

I have a wonderful life. I have great friends, and I have
a great family. Honestly. I tend to find my current
situation a little stressful and dull (at the same time?),
but I believe that that comes with becoming a mature

Which I promise to fight every step of the way.

I tend to write more of the drama here. More of the
negative - in order to purge it from me.

I'll have to start writing more of the positive - in order to
keep it with me.

And, to those of you out there reading, watching, and

Thank you.

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