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2002-01-31 08:24:10 (UTC)

Good old friends

Tonight I saw Joe online and I thought what the hell, I'll
IM him and see what he is doing. So I did and he was
having trouble with his homework. I invited him over and
even though we didn't get too much work done, I had a great
time just hanging out with him again. It is funny how
someone so close, he lives in the dorm right behind me, can
be so distanced from you. We just laid on my bed and
talked for a few hours, and it was great. We both could
have kept talking, but he and I were both getting tired so
I walked him out. He said bye honey or something as he
walked away. It was so nice to be with a guy in a totally
non sexual way and still feel very safe and comfortable
laying my head on his chest and having his arm around me.
We talked about girls and guys and school and parties and
camp. It seemed like there was an endless amount of things
we could have talked about. It is sort of weird, because
this was the first time we have hung out since camp was
over, but it still seemed like we hadn't ever parted ways.
He said he thinks of me as a sister, and I really like
that. I dont knwo what the hell I am really blabbering on
about. It was just such a great feeling to spend some time
with somebody that I have some past history with and feel
comfortable. Yeah, 7 years ago I met him, and that is
where it all began, and now he is telling me to invite him
to my wedding. I dont know, it was just a really great
thing. I guess it is just good to know that I could keep a
friend for 7 years and get through it without fucking
anything up. He said that we'll always be friends. I
think thats awesome and to tell the truth it really made my
I think it is time to go to bed, I have a class at 10 am,
but dont worry, I hope to be writing more soon.

Much love to any faithful readers--
Sunni :-D

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