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2002-01-31 07:20:35 (UTC)


Okay so I am talking to a friend in the Northern region of
the country and i'm like so does ton have a chic up there
and he (not naming n e names) tells me he has hooked up
with several girls since ihave been gone. Big deal..I care,
NOT. I mean i knew thats how it was in the first
place...hmm..oh well..I knew he was like that anyway...i
can't et upset lol..cuse i've hooked up snce i've been Any way. gosh after thiking everythng oe that i
know about him..he's a total prick. he thought when i gt
ack up there he was gong to get some..damn is he wrong..ugh
i hate guys! they are such liars. and pricks oh well!.
Later..guess im gunna have to have some fun this weekend
myself! I hoe he doesn't read this...fuck him if he does
= )..damn im sweet.

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