writings on the wall
2002-01-31 06:57:18 (UTC)

the day after...

well, being the bad girl that i am, i passed by the
shopping mall again the next day (alone) & i couldn't
resist the temptation. i finally bought the bag (yay!).
after i had sex with him, he told me that he'll never
forget me because there was no way that he could find
another girl as horny as me. am i really THAT horny?

we are making plans to go clubbing together on the
16th of Feb, before i leave for Australia. actually, i am
dying to go clubbing & i have never had sex while i was
high on booze before. definitely worth a try! he also said
that i have cute nipples, maybe it's because they get
erect easily or maybe he just couldn't find anything nicer
to say about my boobs (i have small boobs, remember?)

the night after we had sex, i dreamt of my ex. in
the dream, he was at my place with one of my close friends
because they were doing a project together. he pretended
that he didn't see me & ignored me. i was hurt. what the
hell was that dream supposed to mean? here i am enjoying
myself & then the dream came. if this keeps on happening,
when the hell am i going to get over him???

went back to my hometown the next day. well, it was
a short trip but then it was really enjoyable. i didn't
get to go clubbing but at least i had the company of
someone right? not forgetting the sex...*sigh* i think i
am gonna miss this when i get to Australia.