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2002-01-31 06:46:00 (UTC)

Day 9 (Ice storm )

I am late writing this evening. Actually today is Thursday
but i am logging this for Wednesday.
First, we woke up to the start of Kansas City, Mo. ice storm. The
night before the news channel was already showing school closings for
Wednesday, my son school included. All day Wednesday we had freezing
rain coming dowm.The news center telling people to stay home if all
possible, stay off the streets.
Mike called us about 7:45 a.m., waking me up. I told him i didnt like
the ideal of him calling either so early in the a.m. or either late
at night. I ask him why he picks those times to call, he said he
did'nt know and would'nt call that time if i did'nt want him too.
Anyway that was that. He just called to tell me he loved
me...........hmmm. I love him too i told him
Shortly after talking to Mike i went outside in the snowing ice that
was coming down to start chipping off the frozen ice on the
windshield. I put his sun visor on the night before that froze to the
window. From my bedroom window i heard people at 4 o'clock in the
a.m. scrapping away. It took me 2 hours to get all the ice off Mike's
car. both boys were still asleep in my bed. Noon time the windows
were again all ice up. We did'nt go anywhere today, thank goodness
cause it just continued to get hazardeousout there. During the day
our lights flickered a few time. Right there i told myself, start
preparing yourself for the power to go out. The ice on the tree
branches was there. The boys helped me get ready for power outage.
Not to much for us to do . The boys mostly stayed in their rooms
playing their game systems all day.