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This is Reality?
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2001-04-22 21:39:14 (UTC)

"relaxation"... Is this what it's supposed to be like?

Funny how life is.

I went ot the beach today, because I knew it would be
cooler than inside my house (how ironic is that?) and that
I could get more homework done.

And hopefully to relax a little bit as well.

That SO did not happen. Except for the beach being cooler
than the house part. I'm sitting next to a window in my
bathing suit, and I"m so hot I'm sliding around in the wood

I came home three times to go to the bathroom, and the
first time I was missing $2, the second time I found a
potatoe (with holes in it) in my bed, and was missing $3,
and the third time I found CHOCOLATE in my sheets (mm..
yum. :: rolls eyes ::), so I had to change the sheets, and
my room, which already looked like Hurricane Andrew had hit
it, mow looks like a official disaster area. I think I can
safely apply for national aid.

When I questioned my brothers about the money, they all
pointed at each other (big suprise), and claimed they
wanted to blow up the potato. My question is, why was it in
my bed?

I wasn't even going to ask about why my sheets were draped
all over the room.

Is that what relaxation is? Because I'm not sure I have a
real definition anymore...

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