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2002-01-31 06:05:45 (UTC)

Back 2 School

Yeah, year 11 this year. Shit! I'm not one of the little
kids anymore...
And i spoke to alex and whe said he didnt love me anymore,
but then a bit later i started crying and he said he did
love me after all. So we're getting back 2getha...
eventually. I still like matt heaps though... and i think
hes not too happy that me and alex are going back out. i
feel sorry for him, he hasnt had a g/f in 5 years and now
he finally had the chance and ive just gone back to my ex
as if nothing happened between us...speaking of something
happening between us, i had a bit too much to drink at
mattas place and we got with each other in his room in a
big way, i feel pretty ashamed about that, but matt was
drinking too and he felt the same way, so at least we r
anyway, that is all for now

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