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2002-01-31 05:38:59 (UTC)

My les. experience one night i was at my friends house. In the
shower. The lights go off...candles light up. I get out of
the shower and my riends are at the tip of the shower one
is eating the other out i was like okay.But I didn't
thinkmuch of it. I was drunk and on xanax so i was pretty
much out of it. of the comes up on me and starts
eating me out. At first I ddn't think much of it but i
snapped and I was like WTF i left ad went in her brothers
room..same guy i wrote about last night...and he finished
were his sistr lf of..he was great! No i don't like
chics...and i didn't do anything o her s oh well...hey
whats the big deal if a hic eats u out if u don't do n e
thing to her? does that make u bi or a Les.? oh well i
don't get n e thing out of chic.

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