One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-22 21:19:24 (UTC)

I got some feedback

Hello all....Well, I finally got some more feedback from
you people...I just want to let you guys know, I love
getting feedback, and if you write, i will answer questions
and talk about things you tell me in feedback in my next
entries, so if you write, i'll write about please
To the girl who asked how my 4:20 was...IT WAS PHAT...I
smoked sooo much weed that day...i was with 3 other people
and we smoked about 1/4 was incredible how much
weed we smoked that day...but hey, it was 4:20....its all
good...and yeah, it sux when you run outta weed and
cash...but i usually have my ways of getting it so i'm not
usually buggin about it....but thanks for writing...keep
reading and writing, and i'll do the same...:o) ta ta

To the girl who said she couldnt possibly tell me she
understands and that she trys to find things wrong with her
life....I have a few things to say...Well, first of
all...thanx for writing!!! :O) and another thing is...don't
try to find things wrong with your life....becuz in the end
those will be the only things in your head and you will
dwell on them and prolly eventually end up to be someone
like me....and believe me, thats no fun...concentrate on
the good...and dont get me gotta still have fun
while doin that!!! Well, thank you for writing

Thank you everyone for actually caring enough to read my
journal...i know its nothing interesting...but hey, its me!!

I'm gonna go try to find some drugs...i'll write