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2002-01-31 05:08:52 (UTC)

i cant give you answers...

i cant give you answers.
because i dont have them for myself.
and i cant offer you solice.
because im crazier than you
and someone understanding
cant fix the way things are
and talking doesnt accomplish much
but a way to feel understood
and thats overrated anyway
and i dont know what to say
because im out of words
and im out of effort to speak now
im out of everything and i have nothing
but love for you and you already know that much
time will heal the pain you feel
but i cant speed that up
and i cant promise that things will be better
because theyll just get fucked up again
in between time is where i try to place myself
and ignore the rest of it
but sometimes even in between
in worse than the extremes
but i need you
so understand that at least
understand that dealing is what its about
most of the most of the most of the time
and i cant make it better.
but, i CAN be there to hold your hand.
and soften the blows a little bit
yes. yes. i sometimes doubt i will have children.
birth any of my own anyway
because the world today
is no place
for a beautiful soul to be
it seems the good ones
fall harder and faster than the evil ones.
im sorry you feel like i do everyday
and im sorry theres nothing you or i or anyone can do
i wish you peace.
with yourself and with life
a peace that will probably never be found.
hope is all i have.
for everything.
its the only thing this fucking place has left me with.
and its the only thing i have to offer
i love you.