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2002-01-31 04:49:28 (UTC)

Sex with Me?

a poem that goes..deep


sex with me?

just possibly

there'll be whip cream?

is that good?

good for you?

but tis true

that sugar w/ sex

is a bad dream

shame on me

for it cannot be

at seventeen

thinking of sex and ice cream

but I am still a girl

with tendencies

to be on knees and *gasp*

Im speaking irrationally...

im grossing my mind

my mind is unpure

I scream out these names

names I adore

I moan and do groan

and pray to HIM that I stop

masterba-! no! is a no!

but i love it a lot

im sorry

does sorry cut it?

cut like uncut man?

was that wrong to say?

was that hard to understand?

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