Nick's Journal
2002-01-31 04:45:55 (UTC)

Dreams and such

Yeah so I had a very sad dream. I went to New York and I
saw ground zero. I was there and, for some really odd
reason all this emotion rushed over me in my dream! In my
fucking dream! I mean (i hate to say this) I didn't feel
this when it really happened. In my dream I cried, I
cried for everyone that died, and I cried just because I
saw what it looked like. The towering twin towers were
gone.......i mean the magnitude hit me in the dream. I
looked at the rubble and.......i just can't put it into
words. The fact that they were gone was the most horrible
thing in the world. the fact that they no longer graced
the new york skyline, but most of all that they dragged
thousands of people into the rubble. It was the most
indescribable dream ever. I've never felt so much
emotion. when i woke up i couldn't help but feel the
saddest i've felt in a long time, just wishing that
everything would be ok and that the towers were really
there, and that the WHOLE thing was a dream.....but
alas....well, it's something else.
On a much lighter note, i do not like slacking, fucking,
dipshits. Alright so i want me a nice soudnblaster live
5.1 soundcard, and of cousre the bookstore is fucking
filled with a bunch of retarded cow fuckers. I swear you
coudl put a sack of shit there and i could talk to it and
get more help. so i went over to PcLand to look, and they
flat out tried to rape me. i asked the lady if i could
SEE the card, and how much it cost, and she just as well
scanned it and started putitng it in a bag. when i told
her id idn't want it she got all pissy and told me i
shouldn't make her take it out then. jesus, you stupid
fucking ditz, it's not like i forced your mongloid ass to
take it out of the case. then secondly we have techera
computer store. ok they have a sign that reads "5 clock
open" so i wonder around the mall until then. i'm reading
the god damn coke machine as if it's the fucking bible as
i patiently wait for those slack motherfuckers to open up.
i watch a morbidly obese slug of a human being inch his
way across the infinitely long plain of a mall floor.
finally the son of a bitch comes to open his store. slow
as a bitch. opens the door. then "do you have sound
blaster live 5.1" "what?" mind you he's the on working
here. then i realize he doesn't know what i'm talking
bout cos he doesn't speak english. ahahahaha, yeah it's a
good thing i'm open-fucking-minded. but i discriminate
on the bus on the way home i'm sittin gin the back wiht
this cadet guy and there's this yo-boy frat guy in the
back trying to impress some girl. he's saying how
southwest virginian is the language that shakespeare
spoke, because, (get this) "we don't got immigrants round
there, so they don't influence our language, i mean look
at new york they have like fifty different types of
english cos of the immigrants." brilliant. the cadet and
i looked at each other and thought "dear god". what a cow
raping, fetus fucker!
yeah i'm done. oh and my brother is funny.
haha, i told him that a friend of mine got a 3.96 gpa and
he was like "damn i bet he wishes that they rounded that"
hahahahaa, well i thought it was pretty fucking funny, and
if you don't then your'e just stupid.