Mysterious Attitude
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2002-01-31 04:32:21 (UTC)

Wednesday Jan. 30,2001

*Wearing: My black & red jeans with red studs down tha
sides and my black long sleeve shirt with a rose on it that
says Rock & Roll Festival :)
*Jewelry: tha usual and my vine ring
*Hair: down messed up
*Listenin to : Cool Relax-Jon B
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day : R U Still Down?-Jon B and 2Pac
*Weather: Its sorta cold and snowing
*Talking to : Carl
*Later: Maybe talk on tha phone and go to sleep
*Money Count: 0
*Mood: Happy
*Thinking: Damn I need to go to tha bathroom lol brb


Ok... well last night I was under my bisexual name ...
and Alex asked me if I wanted to talk to this hot 20 year
old bisexual gurl... I was like ok sure why not ... and to
my surprise ... she is Marina's aunt!!! I was freaking out
dude. She is soooooo pretty 2!!! Hehe... I got her phone
number and I gave her mine. I talked to her at like 5:40pm
today... (I didn't go to school by tha way) She sounds hot
also!!! I was talkin to her online tonight at 9pm... and I
was tellin Ryan bout her ... well Ryan has met her before!!
I thought she was mad at me for sending him her pic but she
wasn't she just asked me not to send her pic out anymore. I
called her a few minutes ago and we talked a lil bit ...
she seems really cool. She has a son also which is cool
with me!!! :) :) :) Eh... Ryan called her while I was on
tha phone with her but she wouldn't answer it lol. So yeah
I need to talk to his ass l8er on... grrr Hehe she is
supposed to page me l8er on tonight so lets see if she
does :)


I had to go to Mrs. Spencer today... grrr I hate her with
a damn passion!!! Anyway my mom and I talked to her from
6pm till 7 sumthing. We left from there and my mom and I
talked a lil bit... and I got home at 8 sumthing... I was
supposed to call Lydia at 7:30pm... but as u read above I
called her l8er :) I think me and my mom had a pretty good
chat with each other tho...so I'm happy bout that!!!!


Well, I guess that is bout all for now. So I'll catch u
l8er bye bye 4 now