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2000-12-01 00:30:56 (UTC)

November 30th 2000 Dear Diary:..

November 30th 2000
Dear Diary:
Today was a good day..not eventful but a good day in
general.I wore my leather pants with my blue sweater so i
felt all cool today...except for my big-ass brace that I
had to wear underneath it! Well anyway when I came home
from school I had alot of tests to study for so I did that/
Then Lisa (name has been changed) came over and we worked
on a big history test. So now I figure that I have time to
relax. I still havent called my social date and told him
what happened...I wonder what he'll say! I should probably
go call him I have to call Tamra (name has been
changed) and ask her to go to Jingle Mingle with me. So I
gotsa go! Talk to you tomorrow!

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