Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-31 04:09:07 (UTC)

Sick Days

I didn't get to go to school today because I got sick
yesterday. I got up around 9:30 and then ate and slept
all day. I can begin to sense those feelings of
depressing and confusion and uncertainty. I hate that.
But, anyway after school Stephanie and Megan came over to
see me. A little later Alex stopped over to pick up his
little brother. Well he sat there and told me that people
were talking about the whole me and Anthony thing during
English. How nice! I love being talked about especially
when I am not even there to defend myself! God that
pissed me off! Anyway then I called and talked to Kim for
a little while. I asked her about the work that I missed
and other small shit like that and then she and I got into
a deep conversation about her life as well as mine.
Apparently she has a little priblem with alcohol this
summer. She would go home and drink by herself, she would
sniff highlighters, but now that she has Skyler back she
doesn't even want to do that shit anymore. She doesn't
even want to smoke pot! She is so damn lucky! Why
doesn't she see that??? She has a guy that likes her and
that she likes. She has been on homecoming court for the
past two years. I mean she is a cheerleader....she makes
good grades.....what else does she fucking want???
Anyway, so I told her about my adventures with all of
those different guys. I really hope that she will keep
her mouth shut otherwise I will be absolutely ruined! I
really felt like killing myself today....I ate so much and
I feel so fat! And, my brother knows about that whole
Anthony thing and he was calling me a dick sucking bitch
when we got into a fight. That was really hurtful! I
wish I wasn't sick! I wish I was thin! I wish I was
still a little girl.....oh and by the way....Scott (Greg's
son) knows about my mom and Greg.