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2002-01-31 00:24:56 (UTC)

I tried Mel and Carol - I need to use pure love

Wednesday night at outside street of my home town. How many
stories can occurs in so small place just a street. All
things in mind. Hot night of Summer 2002 January 30. I left
Mel in her way but I was beside her or just near phisicaly.
I did not try to interfere to do not give enemies a try.
I think if I went more fierce against her it would make me
to lose her definity. She was saying to her false friends
how she came to this situation. She believe the years made
it for her. I think bad company did it.
I cannot save her with words and neither just being beside
her. I would make what I did to my PetCat to it love me
much. Just take care even in cold night or rainy Summer day.
I will crush her disease with my love. Her friend Carol was
with her beneath a trash cart under heavy rain. I had just
waked up that time and thought to go to call her. I would
do it.
Carol knows how to care about a friend. Mel cared me so much
in year of 2001. Althought lies about me she heard she tried
to care me. She always called me at end of afternoon.
Enemies became angry with her and envied me. Because in
my town in that part of big city people live in misery soul
and try to be what cannot be. Just want to seem richer and
cathedrated even do not like to study or work hard. So only
rumours and lies and shamefull actions in background.
She tried to help me all days. Now she is with problem and
a very hard weight consciense agains her. She is confused
and false friends are trying to destroy her soul and make
their miserable lives more soft.
I will not say a word. I will just save her and help. I will
call her to a place every day as she did. Without ask for
anything. As she did. I will call Carol too. Her best friend
almost a heart sister.
God remember me as Angel I used to be and deserved to be.
Tomorrow a good day to be rich because I need it to solve
better material problems that could help better to save
friends. My country has real problems too. It is not just
a paradise place in tropical dreams. It could be some
seventh sphere when people refused to be so bright as
deserved to be.