listen to my silences
2002-01-31 02:53:57 (UTC)

irony sucks

many who know this i'm sure recognize this familiar phrase
as i say it all the time

irony sucks.


i had three tests today. three. out of three actual
classes (irp is a study hall, no credit no class) i had
three tests. economics, government, calculus.

now logically you would think that i would study for the
calculus test. so did i. i looked over the material real
quick yesterday, thought i knew what i was doing, and,
since math is my strong subject and anything related to
history is not, proceeded to study for economics and

i aced the economics and government tests. and i needn't
have studied.

i failed the calculus test.

failed it. no question in my mind whatsoever. i mean, i
got a negative answer for the amount of fencing you could
have, the graph i drew wasn't at all like the one on my
calculator, i got an answer and i know how i got it and
though it was right it wasn't done the right way so i'll
get one out of ten points on that question, and i only got
through nine and a half out of twelve questions.

like i said, i failed it.

irony sucks.

after school i walked out to my car and g caught up to me.
he took one look at me and said oh my god she's pissed. it
was almost funny. except i was too mad at myself to laugh.

he gave me a listerine thing-a-ma-jig to make me feel
better. thanks g.

i listened to papa roach all the way home and freaked my
sister out.

but after i got home i did my homework. i didn't have any
due tomorrow cause i didn't go to school yesterday cause i
had a bad dizzy spell in the morning. but i did all that
is due friday which is weird cause i never due stuff ahead
of time. not bad, but weird.

anyways, so i did my homework and then adrian and i hung
out most of the day. we had a blast. we mostly worked on
guard stuff but then we went to her house. it was great.

but i'm off to check on someone else's diary. nite all.

final thought: who you are to me matters not on who anyone
else is to me nor on who i am to you. once you see that
you will see that no one can change who you are to me but