All Fucked Up
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2002-01-31 02:37:40 (UTC)

I said, "Shoot me"

Why? Why am I stopping every vet on the street and internet
and doing this? Guess it's cause I love my old man and want
to bring some closure to his life. Yeah, that's
I also trying to bring closure to my life?

Dig Benzedrine: Hello; I saw your profile. Can I ask you
a question?
T1BECKETT: OK, Shoot me
Dig Benzedrine: Okay. This may sound a bit strange....
T1BECKETT: I said OK, shoot me
Dig Benzedrine: Did you serve in Vietnam?
T1BECKETT: No I did not, I would like that I did
Dig Benzedrine: Okay, sorry for bothering you. Just
looking for a vet by your name. Thanks anyway
T1BECKETT: Good luck