emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-31 02:14:37 (UTC)

c lunch

haha. c lunch is crazy. my pals and i sit and talk and
laugh and eat and laugh and laugh more...its a great

wow, ive pissed my mum off big time. dont wanna talk about

and ive realized that im in love.

surprised? not me.

its still cameron. and all he did was look at me. im so
dumb. i hate lookin over at him in 7th bell because i cant
not look at him, ill just look...and he'll look...but im
99.8% sure that were both thinking totally different

rahhh. enough of cam. [of course hed get online right this

im talkin ernie..haha. so random.

and now cam just imed me....hes weird. yea.

im going to bed. and like always adam will call me and wake
me up. :] how great haha