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life of a porn star
2002-01-31 02:10:00 (UTC)

life update

well i havent writtn in like a week and a half. things are
great. during exam week i was really bored and down so i
started takin my medication again like a good girl- so now
i am all ballanced again. so friday i was so bored so i
went to the movies alone. i saw a walk to remember and it
was sooo good! i cried. then i had a boring weekend. monday
i went back to school and ive been really happy and
outgoing there. its great. maggie told me that the other
maggie wants to beat me up. LOL. whatever. also i think
that me and joelle have slowly patched things up. which is
good. then monday jared asked me if i was lookng forward to
date dance so know he is going with me!!! im so pumped for
this. i havent seen him since the begining of november. he
is awesome. but i know for a fact there is no hope for me
there and that would be weird anyways. the rest of the week
has been average so far. today cathrine was telling me how
our other friend is gay but denies it. also she was saying
that she is a really depressed person. but this person is
so cool and seems happy. mabey cathrine was wong bout this
girl. i dunno i have the strong feeling that i really want
to be her friend but i don think we would have any thing in
common. oh weel too much to deal ith in tat aspect of my
life bc that involves questioning my sexuality LOL peace
out- steph