Thoughts in the Confused
2001-04-22 18:39:27 (UTC)

It is Sunday, whatmore do you wnat

WEll, it is about 1:26 in the afternoon. I got up at around
12:30 i ma ok. little tired because I went to bed at
7:30AM. I am nto sure why I woke up. I thik it maybe
partly to a bad dream. I know some of you might not think
it is a bad dream but it was.

I came home and there where two police officers taking my
computer stuff. They were carrying my laptop and the mouse
wrappewd around iot. It was a male and a female. I did not
even seem them until i passed the kitchen and looked into
the basement, but looking into the bastment I saw them in
the living room. I know that is weird but that is the way
it happened. I said what are you doing. and they pointed to
the front door area and was letting me knwo to go there. I
do and i see my mom kind of waiting by the door. I think
she was crying and i am like screaming mom what is going
on. And she is telling me that lady and there is a lady
standing just outside the door way and she is reading
something off a clip board and i ask her what is doing on
and she tells me to shut up and that she is busy and I am
freaking out. I am losing all my computer equipment. and I
do not know what is going on then i feel like screaming and
i wake up.

For me dreams are or come to me like memories, but this one
was not so much like my normal dreams. Anyway when I woke
up I had to tell myself that this was not happening. I
could not really go back to sleep because of it. I was not
scared to sleep but it made me feel like gettign up.

I know that i am different. I will not deny that.

So I am sitting here at my desk looking out the window
typing. It looks like a wonderful day. Sunny, beautiful
clouds, and a good wind. I bet it feels great. Though I am
not sure if I am going to eat lunch because i ate barbeque
with my rob and mike at like 4:30am I was upstairs and my
brother hollers up we are going to barbeque you want a
burger. I was liek i guess, so I finisehed up on this
computer and went down. I socialized for a minute then went
in to cook fires. Might as well make it nice. IT was cool.

I talked about the laptop that I want between a Toshiba and
a Compaq. then I went back up poked around longer with
direct connect to get more anime.

I felt like getting off so I printed out some erotic
stories. and had my go at it. talk to you later.