youd be surprized
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2002-01-31 01:59:11 (UTC)

wow finally this shit works!!!!!!!!!

well what it be!!!!!!! wow shits been boring!!!!! dashboard
confessional!!!!!!!!!!!!! ick but its in dick niger
africa!!! so i doubt ill go so yea blah blah blah this
weekeend was alright did a couple things that was
entertaining. yea i like this girl whose name starts with a
d and end with a y and the letters between it are eb and
alicia likes a--- lol thats so gay! lol w/e it looks like i
can no longer speak to any1 w/e sucks to be me. the bob
smokeathon is coming up i kinda dont care much for it
anymore cause smoking is boring we it will be fun i guess
~~~~~this just in alicia is going out with himalicia
shouldnt drink drugs

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