my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-31 01:43:18 (UTC)

haha oops

ok it's the 30th. and i woke up in an ok mood til i almost
missed the loser bus. so i was all mad and screaming and i
think i made everyone mad here cuz i was crying and yelling
that i wasnt gonna make the bus and i was just a wreck. but
i got to school and i guess i got happier throughout the
day. lol. and then when i got home, i wanted to go driving,
so my dad took me out. AND...I MADE A MISTAKE! lol. i
confused the gas for the brake. great, eh? i only did it
cuz i got scared. lol. dont ever try to parallel park with
a fricken minivan. it's evil. so i plan on taking my
grandmother's car to my rode test. hopefully that will make
my life and the test easier. but other than that one
mistake, i did really good compared to how i started out.
anyways, my tutor came tonight...and i dont think he's too
happy with the 73 that i got on my math midterm. hey, i'm
just happy that i passed the damn thing. i studied for 3
damn hours....i could've done better, but compared to how i
was doing earlier on this year, that 73 was pretty damn
good. and i have an 83 in global...but JUST passed the last
test we took. GAG ME. eh i'm gonna try to shape up this
marking period and try to actually do my work. well like do
more than i do now. and i gotta sign up for a 5 hour course
so i can get my permit come late february early march so i
can beat the april 1st law thingy if they're still putting
it into play. ok anyways, i should go. lol.

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