Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
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2002-01-31 01:29:30 (UTC)

The Day of Not So Many Tests

Today, only one test.It was in Math.I only got one wrong!
yay for me!Today we had some lame dance class in music.They
had the lamest, stupidest dances ever!In one dance we had
to do some abnormal poka step thing.The name frightened me
alone.Then at the end we did the hand jive.The teachers had
to slowly go over it with us even though we all knew it.The
teacher was
like, "Knees,knees,clap,clap,hands,hands,fists,fists,thumb,t
humbs."While us kids are doin the jive at top speed.Before,
I began writing an entry to my journal when the computer
froze right when I got here.So I had to type it all
over.Ah, it wasnt that much.What to write,what to
write.Today is not a very writable day.Nothing
interesting..Hmmmm...uh...er...Well!I guess thats all for
todays entry unless I think of something at the last
second...hmmm...er...uh...*LAST SECOND IN 3...2...1* Well
guess I'll go.See ya!(Great!There i go again saying bye to
no one)