Don Juan

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2002-01-31 01:14:17 (UTC)


I'm working now... I have almost no free time anymore. I
work from 7 in the morning until 5:30! Then to make it
worse, I have to be at class two nights a week at 5:45.
I'm so worn out right now and I've only been working two
days. I can't emagine what a whole week will be like. The
musceles in my feet I didn't even know I had hurt. That's
pretty bad.
I guess not having any free time is good for me. I just
get hurt or in trouble with free time. I guess I don't
know how to handle free time. The girls I've chased and
been hurt by have all been in my free time. The jail time
and all the bad decisions I make have been in my free
time. I just don't need it... maybe I can find a weekend
job too (lol). Oh well... I think I'm going to go to bed
now and rest my weary feet.

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