One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2002-01-31 00:30:30 (UTC)

Hello COKE

This Friday I'm supposed to be doing coke...I've neva tried
it and I just wanna see what its like....I'm excited and
I'm so guilty for feeling that way but I don't even care..I
just want to try fuck it. Anyways....I stayed
home from school third day back to school and
I'm out....nice right:? I missed work too....greeeat....I
dunno, I suck.....but anyways... Yeah I'm sick, so I wasnt
about to go deal with gay North High thats
it..I'll be back it doesnt matter.
Yeah....I'm feelin pretty ok now....I really dont care what
people think about me...I'm going to just go into school
and say yano what??! FUCK YOU!!!! yup;...thats what imah
do....ok...well, pretty boring day....nothing much
happened..lI guess my journal was much more interesting
whern I was all fucked up huh? Oh well, deal with it! :O)
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