A Closed Mind is An Open Book
2002-01-31 00:11:36 (UTC)

a family divided

I still feel very bad about my dad trying to put his
problems on me like that. It hurts me. He's gone. Don't
know when I will see him again. Mom kicked him out. I don't
blame her. The way he and Shannon would talk to each other
but dad wouldn't talk to mom when that's his wife was
completely wrong. I know I'm not married and I know that I
don't have the experience that everyone says I should have
before making this kind of statement... but I will be in a
couple of years to someone I truly love. And I know that if
he had a problem he'd talk to me, not our kids. It was
wrong. And my dad has no idea how bad he's screwed things
up. I hope he wakes up and sees what he did before it's too
late. I love him. I'm daddy's little girl and the idea of
him not being apart of this family really does hurt me.
It's crazy really. I finally get Robbie back the way I
want... sort of... meaning that my mom doesn't hate him and
I finally know where I stand with my mom. She doesn't hate
me and she doesn't hate Robbie. She just hates the fact
that she feels we don't respect her oldfashioned-ness by
going in the other room and being all "touchey/feeley". I
really love Robbie and I'm at the point now of doing
anything if it means keeping him. He's done a lot for me. I
can't cut myself... not only for fear that he'll do it
because I did it but because the thought of doing it just
makes me feel stupid and weak because I know that someone
does truly care about me and that Robbie's love is more
than enough for me. I love you Robbie. I mean it more than
you can possibly imagine.