OhBaby It Is Me

2002-01-30 23:40:59 (UTC)

How Cool Is That?

Willy Killem: hey
Willy Killem: I found something for Steph
RobertLover411: I just was talking about you
Willy Killem: were ya?
Willy Killem: What about me?
Willy Killem: nothing bad i hope
RobertLover411: I was just gonna say to Nick that me and you were
both pissed
Willy Killem: I'm not pissed
Willy Killem: I'm furious
RobertLover411: He doesn't think he did anything wrong
Willy Killem: I think that hes a major fucking idiot
RobertLover411: See
Willy Killem: What he said wasn't even funny
RobertLover411: I don't know what he said and I don't know how he
said it so I can't have tooo much of an opp. on it
Willy Killem: Well just now that he said it
Willy Killem: U don't have to beleive me
Willy Killem: I really don't care
Willy Killem: but it affected me
RobertLover411: I care
RobertLover411: I just didn't hear it
RobertLover411: I believe you
Willy Killem: Well hes a complete moron if he thinks he said nothing
Willy Killem: cause guess what Angela, we were in that
Willy Killem: not him
Willy Killem: he has no idea
Willy Killem: and he thinks he can make dumbass comments like that?
Willy Killem: I don't think so
Willy Killem: he has no idea what i went through that day
Willy Killem: thinkin that one of u guys could be hurt
Willy Killem: writing down hopeing that YOU were all right
Willy Killem: callin the hospital the SECOND i got outta school
RobertLover411: I know Shaun, and I love you for all that
Willy Killem: yeah well it affected me a lot with what he said
Willy Killem: and he thought it was so funny
RobertLover411: Well
Willy Killem: guess what
RobertLover411: what
Willy Killem: when he said that
Willy Killem: I got a flashback
Willy Killem: ok
RobertLover411: O
RobertLover411: i hate that
Willy Killem: yea well
Willy Killem: it was when the other car hit us
Willy Killem: right after stephanie screamed
RobertLover411: I get one once in a while
Willy Killem: the impact
RobertLover411: It scares me soo much
Willy Killem: then i prayed that u guys would get home safe
RobertLover411: I don't even remember that
Willy Killem: I freaking PRAYED
RobertLover411: wow
Willy Killem: yea cause i didn't want to think of u guys gettin hurt
RobertLover411: I don't need anymore of this shit
Willy Killem: Sorry
Willy Killem: Sorry for bringing back the old memories
RobertLover411: I need positive stuff to happen
Willy Killem: Yea I understand that
RobertLover411: It's not you
RobertLover411: Well Nick knows he f'ed everything
upWilly Killem: i dunno
RobertLover411: do you want to talk to him
Willy Killem: I don't think he understands
Willy Killem: no, I might blow a fuse
RobertLover411: Well it is only on the computer
RobertLover411: at least your not gonna hurt him if you do
Willy Killem: ...
RobertLover411: I donno
Willy Killem: neither do i
RobertLover411: I'm so ----------- today
Willy Killem: ...?.
RobertLover411: I wanna just flip
Willy Killem: like a backflip?
RobertLover411: He told you that that was the worst day of our lives,
it could have even been the end of it, and that we still have
nightmares about it. He told you how every single time we get into a
car we buckle our seat belts b/c that is the one thing that saved our
RobertLover411: That is what I said to Nick when he said that you told
him something
Willy Killem: I told him something?
RobertLover411: I donno
Willy Killem: I was swearing so much at him
RobertLover411: I don't know
Willy Killem: tellin him to never say that kinda s**t around me again
RobertLover411: he's about to cry
Willy Killem: good
Willy Killem: i was about to
Willy Killem: he doesn't understand what he put me through today
Willy Killem: I might be old and stuff
RobertLover411: I almost am
Willy Killem: but let him get in a car accident
Willy Killem: with his BEST friends
RobertLover411: I don't want anyone to have to go
through what we did
Willy Killem: and then have his friends GF talk crap
about it
Willy Killem: It's just not funny at all
RobertLover411: i'm as pissed as you
Willy Killem: No see u wearn't there
Willy Killem: u didn't hear it come out of his mouth
Willy Killem: He just smiled and kinda laughed
RobertLover411: I heard him say it
Willy Killem: u did?
Willy Killem: u said u didn't
Willy Killem: RobertLover411:I don't know what he said
and I don't know how he said it so I can't have tooo much of an opp.
on it
RobertLover411: Well I'm thinkin
RobertLover411: and as i was getting into the car
Willy Killem: I kinda asked u
Willy Killem: if u heard him
Willy Killem: and u said what
Willy Killem: and I said nevermind
Willy Killem: cause I didn't want u thinkin about it
RobertLover411: Well
Willy Killem: in the car
RobertLover411: I sorda heard him say stopsign
Willy Killem: yea thank god u didn't hear the rest b4 u got in the car
RobertLover411: b/c i stood there a little bit and glared at him b4
getting into the car
RobertLover411: So what did he say
Willy Killem: he said something like
Willy Killem: "angela don't go through any stop signs"
RobertLover411: I donno
Willy Killem: neither do i
RobertLover411: He just doesn't understand
RobertLover411: and i can't blame him
Willy Killem: I can
RobertLover411: I'm not justafying what he did
RobertLover411: i'm just saying he wasn't there to know what it was
Willy Killem: it doesn't matter
Willy Killem: he shouldn't have even said something like that
RobertLover411: It was a harrmless statement
RobertLover411: he didn't mean any of it
Willy Killem: I don't really care
RobertLover411: Shaun
RobertLover411: Are you mad at me?
Willy Killem: nope
Willy Killem: Why would I be?
RobertLover411: I don't know
Willy Killem: Theres no reason to be mad at you
RobertLover411: I xed the window I was talking to you in
RobertLover411: and I'm so pisses
RobertLover411: d
Willy Killem: sorry
RobertLover411: I was gonna put it in my diary
Willy Killem: oic
Willy Killem: Do u want me to email it to u?
RobertLover411: Would you
Willy Killem: if ya want me too
RobertLover411: that would be soo cool
Willy Killem: whats ur email?
RobertLover411: [email protected]

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