victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-01-30 22:53:32 (UTC)

little helper

it's a cold sun that shines today
light but no warmth
but it still feels good
as the wind blow rough across my face and hands
hands are the most expressive part of our bodies
can convey pain suffering appreciation art love
maybe that's why they're the hardest to draw
hard to convey so much emotion behind that one thing
your face is hard to read
saying one thing, thinking another
can't understand these games of yours
blatant honesty is the best policy
that harsh brutal how-could-you-say-such-a-thing honesty
everyone needs that once in a while
a godsmack
a mindfuck
hits you right in the stomach and you're down
but i'll always be there
to pick you right up again
dust your shoulders off and give you mine to cry on
cuz it's you and me always and forever
just like that song that describes us perfectly
in that odd peculiar way
chalk it up to coincidence
like everything else that happens
maybe it's fate a date with destiny
hope she looks good tonight
i sure could use some of that good stuff
thrown my way when on my own
won't be happening soon though
cuz it's you and me always