victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
2002-01-30 22:46:35 (UTC)


do my words only have any worth
if they're what you want to hear?
the silence scares me
i don't trust it at all
unlike you, so trusting of all there is
that everyone is basically good
and that everything will be allright in the end
the end justifies the means, they say
but does it really anyway?
always question
never accept the silver spoonfeeding of society
to regurgitate it later
if that's what you do
you're a brick in the wall
a gog in the machine
who only answers in automatic responses
like LOL and smiley face emoticon
the internet will take over the world
and destroy all real emotion and feeling
everything will be conveyed through smiley faces
or indecipherable abbreviations
it's already gotten you, who knows how many others
just like the rain and sun
filtering through the window into our minds
the window of our minds
can't run away from the world and nature
no matter how hard you try
the weather's always there
like death and taxes and hope
the things you can't destroy
you invariably trust in
like the silence that screams when you don't want to listen