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2002-01-30 22:44:15 (UTC)


So many pointless things where created from human kind. ONe
thing soo stupid that was developed by us is pride. This
creation only burdened us in the end. We base our decisions
on this sometimes & it can lead to disaster at times.
Empires start & fall cuz of pride. Cause of the use of
emotions for decisions that can take away a persons soul.
People die, people cry...cuz of pride. Nationalism is
another thing that is from pride. Nations have
died...people have died.....children learned to hate
others....adults learned to kill others. SO stupid. no one
will learn, there is too much emotions within are hearts.
But i believe that some day people will wise up. BUt for
now i can tell you these words hoping you too will wise

The only noble people in this world are the ones that will
stand up against everyone to do what is right. The only
noble people in this world are those who will speak in
front of a blood thirsty crowd & ask for peace. The only
noble people are those who would stand against a world to
bring out peace. The people who would stand against fist
after fist & still speak peace.

You know what else i think. ALL that crap with asian pride,
white ethocentrism, spanish honor, etc..ALL STUPID
BULLSHIT. What good can that crap accomplish. When will
people finally realize all this. Will they realize it when
everyone around them is dieing or wil they hate even more.
People live on emotion, but when will they live on the
right one.

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