Death to all
2002-01-30 22:31:06 (UTC)

I know that the distance is..

I know that the distance is great between us
It feels like you're half way around the world
but that doesn't make the feelings that I have
go away...I still love you.
I want to just hug you and kiss you
and be in your arms forever
but I feel like the distance might
be getting to you
Please don't let your feelings for me fade
Just because of the 30 minute drive
I know that we might not see each other often
but that doesn't mean I don't wish to
all I want right now is to feel your arms around me
to hug you...to kiss you...to love you
and know that you love me too
I'd give anything in the world.
but again, the distance is too great
but seems like nothing by the phone
when I hear your voice in my ear
I know that it won't be too long
till the next time that I see you
Oh, I wish it could be tomorrow...
maybe friday...saturday...sunday
any day that is possible...
all I want is to be with you right now
all I want...all I want...all I want..
Is to hear those three words....
"I love you"
and I'll know that it's true...
cause I know that you do love me...
but the words would feel so much better
if we were together when they're said.
and that's all I want...
all I've ever wanted
all I'll ever want
is to be with you...
every second
of every day.

I know it doesn't rhyme...but oh well. I'm
sorta...y'know...at a loss for words or something.