Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-01-30 22:19:45 (UTC)

the carp ROCKS

I live in this pathetic place that wouldn't know good music
if it smacked them in the forehead and then was set in
front of them with a lable that said "good music" on it. It
realy is rather sad. So we finaly got a station that plays
rock, punk sort of stuff. It could be better but I'll be
happy with it.
So this is somewhat short and i appoligise for it.
Till then
P.S. "the Carp" is the name of the station. now you may be
asking why anyone would name a staiton "The Carp" well
here's your answer and I quote. "we wanted evryone to know
what kind of bottom feeders we realy are, and 99.9 the
atorney just didn't sound right."