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2002-01-30 22:09:52 (UTC)

*.*.WaStEd MeMoRiEs.*.*

Okay.. long time definitely no speak. i came to a
conclusion that i just cant let mai diary get outa hand
like it did.. haha its not fun!! im talkin tuh ashleigh
ryte now.. haha
Lilmeanie05: ha look wut mai diary title is
Lilmeanie05: Wasted Memories
Lilmeanie05: haha
sUpErAnGeL992: lol
Lilmeanie05: i put a cross coz like dat symbolizes God
sUpErAnGeL992: yea
Lilmeanie05: and then wasted.. i eitha forget about em too
soon or i was wasted, hah jokinz.. i dun knoz
Lilmeanie05: and they are all memories
nehow.. i juz got off meehz bussy and like eric, aaron, ryan,
and curtis are all mean!! spechulie eric.. first off he
throw diz lil fake ring at meehz boobie.. and then we
started hittin each otha and den he took his belt off and
started hittin meeh wit it.. and den like i was gettin off
meehz bussy and he took dat belt and hit meeh on meehz
bootay! it hert!
hmmz.. today n pe we had tuh run a mile.. and like i got
all red faced and i got stinky n shiznit.. lol nawt fun..
but i do need tuh get n shape. ya kno? aha ya do! hmmz.. i
am actually almost finished actually gettin everything done
on meehz site even tho it will neva be finished. im gonna
add meehz boyfren's picz on dere so check em out! he ish
mah babee. i luv him.. we've had sum spechul times and only
a few of yall kno wut dat means! lol!! i dun kno if he
still interested n meehz tho! i wish he will be foreva coz
i really do love him a lot. and i cant eva leave him and im
nawt goin tuh.. he said he would neva cheat on meeh but
then he might do sumpin else.. ha. meeh n him kiss a lot
tho.. hah i bet dats wut we are known for.
i hope meeh sista gets tickets tuh da Kid Rock/Lit concert
coz i really do wanna go.. Mardi Gras Parade is Saturday
and im nawt sure if im goin or nawt coz i got a livestock
show.. but i might juz stay home if i dun feel good and go
tuh da parade on da 9th. newayz.. im goin tuh werk on meehz
site.. see ya 2morrowz.. LoVe aLwAys -*LyNz*-
check out meehz site.. http://naudyprincezzlynz.dot.nu

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