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2002-01-30 21:39:56 (UTC)

missed school...concert

Ugh. I am so upset. M sister tirned of my alarm clock
anddidn't wake meup so I ddn't go to school...I didn't want
to miss any school. Because I wanted to go to NYC for about
10 days but now I can't b.c i can't miss that much
school...It's sonfusing the way my school works. If u miss
5 days in each class you hae to pass your final exam. If u
don't pass the exa then u have to retake that curse. I know
i'll pass y exams. I've never ailed one beore. But I just
don't like stressing over stuff I don't have to. Any way. I
find out tonight if i am goig to the enny Chesne (I think i
spet tha rong) and sarah evans concert. Oh well I g2g..he
concerts tomorrow.

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