2002-01-30 21:25:31 (UTC)

"how was your meal huge bitch?"

today was so great.
i woke up and i wasnt even really that tired which was
great. im ALWAYS tired. so, yes that made me happy then i
went to school and my first class was pretty boring. but
apparently all the crazy amount of studying that i did
yesturday with shawn and alone, paid off. i got a 100 on my
test =) which made me really happy. considering i know
NOTHING about penis. yes. but anyway, then i talked to a
couple of people that made me happy and were proud of me.
and i got coffee. i even talked to my dad today. which is
really weird. and he was happy to talk to me and told me to
get coffee. and, i actually did. and it was good coffee.
for many reasons. shawn got out of class early which was
nice because i had already been out of mine for a long time
because the test took like max 20 mins. so we were going to
go to dennys or steak n shake but he sugested we do
something a bit different. and we did. we went to fridays
and our waiter was pretty cool, which was happy too. i
think he thought i was crazy, but thats alright. shawn and
i have so much fucking fun together. hes so laid back and
doesnt really care what he do. and hes a really good
listener. which is nice, because recently i have had a lot
on my mind. i love my friends. i even tried calling sergio
today...but it didnt work. after lunch we went and saw the
count of monte cristco. it was SOOO good. so good. like the
best movie that i have seen in a really long time. and that
made me happy becuase usually remakes of books or other
movies or whatever usually piss me off and suck. but this
one was really fucking good. so yeah. that has been my day
so far. i hope that ron remembers what were supposed to do
tonight, and doesnt make other plans. although, knowing ron
im sure that he will. tomorrow is bob dylan and i couldnt
be more excited about it. im also going to see emily which
will be nice. i havent talked to her much recently. and, i
miss holding her hand. amoung other things..but, enough of
that. i have folders to make and homework to do as well as
a nap to take. yay that ones first. =).

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