Forgotten Misery
2002-01-30 21:04:20 (UTC)

dreary day

Rain is cold very cold I love rain but not when its cold
Hell no THO. O I feel so bad for marissa Her boy skip
dumped her for another chic and im not there for me and she
sent me an e-mail saying she missed me and that no one
understands the pain she feels other than me shes alone I
think im gona call her to see if she ok I worry about her I
love my sister so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hey peoples im really sorry I havent been online to chat
but I have been so busy with school and meeting new
peoples. Hey my school is so ripping me off i feel jaded
lol no ok for a parking permit i have to pay 35 dollars
what is all i can say 35 dollars for what at fc it was like
2 bucks that is so a rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
o another thing my new group wants me to go to the
homecoming dance which is pretty much like prom and im like
um no and if i go they will get chris to go i see this
coming hes the new kid from north carolina and i have alot
of classes with him so we talk but um i dont wanna date
anyone here my heart tis not here still it was for a few
then i left it again crap i gota stop kissing people
everytime i come in lol

ok Geoff babydoll how r u? I sent u a letter in the mail
lol well peoples im out love u all hugs and kisses